Meet Proxima
in practice

Here you can see some projects implemented with us
"The project's a win – 20% faster loan reviews, over 1 million Euros in yearly impact. It's a solid boost, making us more efficient and competitive."
"The key success factor in this project was our ability to identify and target specific inefficiencies in the procurement contract approval process. We not only reduced lead times and costs but also eliminated production plan failures entirely."
"Teamwork was key to our success—spotting and fixing process issues together. The analytical capabilities of Proxima helped us clear up the confusion, streamline workflows, and achieve big savings while preventing financial losses in our procurement processes."
"In this project we were able to not just identify bottlenecks but to use data-driven insights for a targeted action plan. That allowed us to forecast tangible improvements, showcasing the project's strategic impact on efficiency and cost savings."
"The key success factor in this project was our ability to leverage advanced process mining solutions and implement a robust methodology swiftly. This allowed us ensure the effectiveness of our digital twin approach, aligning with the company's strategic objectives."
"In harnessing process mining, we've not only identified efficiency gains but also paved the way for a transformative strategy in customer interaction."