Take your business to the next level through process mining
Cut the costs and increase profits
Px Miner uses event data from information systems to show what people and equipment are really doing, and provides insights to identify and address performance and compliance challenges.

With Px Miner, you will create digital twins of your real processes for quick improvements and reliable control.
Px Mining
Process discovery
  • Interactive process graph
  • Frequency filters
  • Process metrics
Structural analysis
  • Activities and connections filters
  • Sequence filters
  • Scenario analysis
Process Insights
  • Automated bottlenecks identification
  • Impact calculation
  • Standard dashboards
  • Dash-to-graph and graph-to dash filtering
  • Built-in SQL editor for customized dashboards
Process audit
  • BPMN control models
  • Automated audit
  • Deviations impact calculation
Special features
  • Built-in event log quality check
  • Concept drift detection
  • Out-of-the-box activity duration calculation
  • And much more!
And this is just the start.
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