Transforming Audits: Unleashing Efficiency with Digital Twins of Processes (O2C example)
Discover how a company overcame the challenges of time-consuming traditional process audit. The project not only reduced audit times tenfold but also contributed to an effective methodology for process management in whole.
Key figures
  • 2
    Weeks for pilot audit
  • 42 965
    Orders analysed
Project annotation
"The key success factor in this project was our ability to leverage advanced process mining solutions and implement a robust methodology swiftly. This allowed us ensure the effectiveness of our digital twin approach, aligning with the company's strategic objectives."
Business Challenge:
The company's strategic shift to business process management revealed challenges in traditional process audits—proving time-consuming and inaccurate. The project aimed to select and test a solution for creating a digital twin of a real business process and assess its maturity following ISO 15504 standards.
Project Implementation:
A digital twin of the process was generated and thoroughly examined, identifying deviations in procedural execution. Proactive measures were taken to address the identified issues.
Main Outputs:
The project drastically reduced audit time, achieving over a tenfold improvement, with a pilot audit completed in just two weeks. Functionality for process discovery and conformance check was affirmed, accompanied by the establishment of a robust project management methodology for building digital process twins and the preparation of internal regulatory documents.