Take your business to the next level with totally new video analytics

Your CCTV videos are the source for automated process discovery

Optimize Operations with Px Vision: Your CCTV videos are more than just footage – Px Video employs process mining tech to provide a fresh perspective on your processes.

See what's really happening with people and equipment, effortlessly identify performance and compliance challenges.

Creating digital twins of the processes, Px Vision introduces a whole new level of analytics, making operational insights straightforward and efficient for your business.

Use cases
Explore opportunities to address your business challenges.
Real-life Customer Journey Optimization
  • Interactive Analysis
Create an interactive process graph, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior.

  • Customer-Driven Insights
Conduct on-site customer journey mapping for an insightful analysis.

  • Efficiency Evaluation
Evaluate the effectiveness of on-site promotions and customer behavior, providing valuable insights for marketing strategies.
Office Space Utilization Analysis
Heatmap Visualization: Generate heatmaps to analyze office zone workload, optimizing space allocation for improved efficiency.
Contact Point Optimization: Analyze customer-employee contact points for enhanced service delivery and improved customer satisfaction.
Resource Allocation: Conduct staff allocation analysis to optimize resource deployment and streamline operations.
Safety Compliance and Monitoring
  • Automated Violation Audit: Employ computer vision to automate the audit of safety regulation violations, ensuring a secure environment.
  • Comprehensive Statistics: Aggregate violation statistics and drill down to individual cases for thorough compliance monitoring.
  • Safety Equipment Monitoring: Implement real-time monitoring of safety equipment usage to uphold workplace safety standards.
Enhanced Security Measures
  • Behavior Identification: Employ computer vision to distinguish between normal and abnormal behaviors, enhancing security measures.
  • Dwell Time Analysis: Identify instances of individuals staying longer than required.
Manufacturing Process Control
  • Interactive Process Mapping: Create interactive manufacturing process graphs for a visual representation of workflows and potential optimizations.
  • Object and People Tracking: Utilize computer vision to track both people and manufacturing objects, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.
  • Technological Discipline Control: Implement control measures to uphold technological discipline within the manufacturing environment.
Augmented analytics
  • Behavioral Differentiation: Utilize augmented analytics to differentiate age and gender behaviors, tailoring strategies for diverse demographic groups.
  • Data Integration: Augment raw data from IT systems, such as ticketing and access control, providing a holistic view of operations.
  • Custom Dashboards: Create custom dashboards for specific business needs.
And this is just the start.
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