Analysis of the sales manager workflow in an e-commerce company.
The process mining was applied in order to improve communication with clients.
Key figures
  • >1 000 000
    Users' acitivities analysed
  • > 10%
    Workload decreased
  • 6
    Months project duration
Project annotation
"In harnessing process mining, we've not only identified efficiency gains but also paved the way for a transformative strategy in customer interaction."
Company and Business Context
A major service for advertisements and resales. To address challenges related to improving customer interaction efficiency, a project utilizing process mining technology was implemented.

What Was Done
- Collected and processed data on managers' actions.
- Identified clusters of action patterns by managers while handling typical work tasks.
- Analyzed these tasks for the purpose of optimizing the work of managers.

Project Results
- Identified the potential to free up 10% of managers' working time by eliminating actions not directly contributing to their tasks.
- Determined opportunities for automating certain managerial operations.
- Proposed a new strategy for customer interaction.