Call Center: Data-Driven Optimization in Business Process Management
The project tackled business process inefficiencies by extracting a digital twin, conducting a comparative analysis, and implementing targeted improvements. The results include substantial annual savings and a notable reduction in process duration, showcasing the project's effectiveness in optimizing critical business operations.
Key figures
  • 10%
    Process duration deduction
  • € 500,000
    Projected cost savimgs
Project annotation
"In this project we were able to not just identify bottlenecks but to use data-driven insights for a targeted action plan. That allowed us to forecast tangible improvements, showcasing the project's strategic impact on efficiency and cost savings."
Business Challenge:
Addressing critical challenges within the business process, the project aimed to identify bottlenecks, define characteristics, and formulate an action plan for enhancement, ultimately seeking comprehensive data to uncover inefficiencies.
Project Implementation:
Successfully extracting a digital process twin, the project conducted a comparative analysis of execution variations across customer categories and delivery types, with special attention to scrutinizing critical process areas to unearth hidden inefficiencies.
Main Outputs:
Instrumental monitoring tools were configured, providing insights into process dynamics. Quantitative analysis facilitated the calculation of a projected 10% reduction in process duration, translating to annual savings exceeding €500,000. The project affirmed success in optimizing the business process.