Production: Streamlining the Contract Approval Process
Extended contract negotiations often caused delays in obtaining essential raw materials on time. With Proxima, the process was redesigned to completely eliminate this issue.
Key figures
  • 0
    Due dates reviews
  • 25%
    Reduction of Process Costs
  • 30%
    Reduction of Lead Time
Project annotation
"The key success factor in this project was our ability to identify and target specific inefficiencies in the procurement contract approval process. We not only reduced lead times and costs but also eliminated production plan failures entirely."
Business Challenge:
A leading machine-building enterprise, faced delays in raw material deliveries due to prolonged contract negotiations. Despite audits and performance tracking, the extended procurement approval process led to a 30% increase in lead times and up to 25% process costs.
Project Implementation:
Following process mining and analysis insights, measures focused on reducing errors and wait times during negotiations to streamline the procurement process.
Main Outputs:
Results were transformative, halving approval process duration, cutting costs by 30%, and eliminating production plan failures. The project successfully optimized procurement for a more efficient operational environment.